About me

caroline fuseau therapist

I am an experienced counsellor. I trained at the Minster Centre, one of the leading training organisations in the field of psychotherapy in the UK. 

Before becoming a counsellor, I worked in both the charity and corporate sectors  in various capacities including marketing and project management. What drew me to become a counsellor is the desire to help people make changes to their life in order to lead a more fulfilled life. I have experienced first-hand the benefits of having therapy for my own mental health and wellbeing. More about my approach to therapy

Originally from France, I have lived in the UK for fifteen years now. My work took me to Africa and the Middle East. I have always been interested in other cultures and languages – this is an area of interest in my work as a counsellor as well.

Professional Experience 

I am an experienced counsellor and have worked in therapy services with a diverse client range on a variety of issues including anxiety and stress, depression, eating disorders, identity questions and life changes. I have worked for St Christopher's Hospice Bereavement Service on complex grief and end of life issues as well as fertility issues. 

I am continuously looking at expanding my knowledge of counselling and psychotherapeutic practices. I have attended additional training on: Gender Diversity and Other Sexualities, Eating Disorders, Domestic Violence and Harmful Practices.

I am currently completing a Master’s in Integrative Psychotherapy. My current research interest is coping with long-term chronic illness with a focus on the impact of having a skin condition on the self.